About laselo

Our company

We are a UK based business working in direct partnership with Italian and British manufacturers of the highest quality leather furniture.


laselo furniture is crafted using the highest quality materials including leathers, woods and paddings. Our products can be unusual but at the same time both striking and aspirational. The build quality of every product is continually monitored and tested during the manufacturing process, prior to final quality control sign-off and dispatch to our customers.

Shared savings

All our products are delivered direct from the manufacturer straight to our customers. There is no wholesaler, middleman or any third party involved. This business structure allows us to keep our overheads at extremely low levels.

We share these cost savings with our customers, which in turn means our prices can be up to 50% lower than products of a similar premium quality and luxury that can be found elsewhere.

Focusing on what we do best

Our expertise and focus lies in designing and sourcing contemporary as well as traditional furniture of the highest build quality and durability - and building strong, lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our manufacturers. We strive to deliver excellence to our customers in each and every area of our business. To achieve this we partner with market-leading providers of all services that lie out-with our core areas of expertise.

Our partners include Home and Retail, a leading UK-wide logistics company with over 20 years’ experience specialising solely in furniture delivery, 7 days a week – and Ecomaster who have 15 years’ nationwide experience of successfully completing all aspects of high quality furniture care and repair.


All our products are made to order for you and you alone - and to your exacting requirements.

The leathers we use are 100% real, premium Italian leather. Each and every hide used to create your piece has its own unique and individual characteristics. This may include insect bites and other natural scars. Quite simply, no two items will ever be the same.

Our leathers are not “painted” to give a more uniform appearance, as is often the case - this can lead to cracks appearing over time as the painted surface wears away, just like old leather car seats. We only use the highest quality “aniline” leathers which means they are not painted, but dyed, treated and protected to give a totally natural look and feel.

This means your unique laselo piece of furniture will age wonderfully over the time. And as with all high quality furniture, rather than being replaced, it can be cared for and restored to pristine condition at any time of your choosing (see below).

Many of the products across our extensive collections are of modular construction that can be firmly locked together or will look great as standalone pieces. Not only does this mean you can configure your furniture to suit your personal needs and your home environment – but it usually eliminates the many complications that can arise during delivery to your home, due to large, unwieldy and oddly shaped items of furniture.

Service and after care

All companies naturally say that fantastic customer service is what differentiates their business from their competitors, and of course we are no different. However we pride ourselves in going above and beyond accepted norms. Our commitment to our customers does not stop the moment your item of furniture has been successfully delivered and installed.

Repairs covered by our 10 year warranty will of course be carried out quickly, expertly and at a time convenient to you. But we do not stop there. Accidents do happen and we are still here to help. If your furniture is damaged and needs to be repaired, we can organise a highly competitive quote and if required, a visit from a highly skilled upholstery technician.

The high quality construction of our products is such that you might be surprised what can be completely and economically repaired and restored with new parts being fitted where necessary. This can usually be achieved at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. We’d love to sell you another product, but we always prefer and recommend this option to our customers.

Similarly we can organise a periodic “service and restoration” of your furniture, where our experienced technicians can beautifully restore your furniture from the inevitable wear and tear that results from daily use.  

Quite simply, we are always here for you, whatever the circumstances. We are extremely proud of our furniture and after care service, we hope you will be too!